From the Director-April

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Easter is in full swing at the food pantry.  Thanks to Bethel Lutheran Church, we have 75 filled Easter Baskets to give to our families with small children.  We have purchased over 90 hams for Easter dinners.  Each family gets a 1/2 pound of butter with their ham. 

Big thanks to the Boy Scouts of the area who participated in “Scouting for Food.”  It was Packs 18, 118, 176 and Troop 18, and 141.  When all was said and done we received over 5000 food items and $157.00 in cash.  Thanks for keeping our shelves stocked.

Looking forward to “Stamp out Hunger” ran by the postal workers which is Saturday May 9th.

Please keep us in mind when you do your grocery shopping.  Pick up a few extra things to put in our barrels that are located at Pick N Save, Piggly Wiggly, and Walmart.

Thank you for being a very supportive community.




From the Director – March

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March is finally here so I hope it is all down hill from now on.  It was 1 degree this morning so…maybe not.  Hopefully 40’s are right around the corner.  It has been a busy month at the food pantry. 

Tess Corners Elementary ran “Hats for Hunger” and donated 33 boxes and 3 shopping carts of food.  They were all date checked and stocked by 2nd grade Brownie troop 9240 from Tess Corners.

Muskego Storm boys baseball solicited at Piggly Wiggly and Pick N Save and collected over 5 heaping carts of groceries for the pantry.

We are finalizing Jammin’ on Janesville and we will again be at the parking lot of Pick N Save.  We will have food, games and prizes.  Come see what we have to offer and support the pantry.

March 28th is “Scouting for Hunger”  remember to put your non perishable items out for the Muskego Area Scouts.

As always…please keep us in mind when you do your grocery shopping.  We have barrels located at Pick N Save, Piggly Wiggly, Wal-Mart and all around town.



From the Director-February

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Being February 7th, does that mean that we are half way through winter?  I hope so.  A BIG thank you again to the Muskego Community for making the holidays for our families a great one. 

Muskego Elementary stuffed the bus in it’s parking lot.  They got 7 overflowing grocery carts full of food and Mr. Peterson got slimed.  It was fun for all and very helpful to the food pantry.  Hopefully other schools can get some creative ideas how to support their community.

Bethel Lutheran Church donated over 180 cans of soup from their “Souper Bowl Sunday” food drive.  Soup always goes good especially in this cold winter weather.

We are in our slow season.  Until “Scouting for Hunger” in March we purchase most of the food that we give out.  As always, please keep the food pantry in mind when you are doing your weekly shopping.  Both Piggly Wiggly and Pick N Save have food pre packaged for the pantry to make it easier for you.

Thanks for your generosity!


From the Director-January 2015

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Happy New Year to everybody.
The food pantry can finally take a breather. It has been a whirlwind of activity for the last 2 months. I don’t even know where to start with all of the Thank Yous.
1. All of the Muskego Norway schools from the 4K to the high school all had food drives and donated money to help us keep going during the holidays
2. Muskego Area churches that donated food and money for our families to have a Merrier Christmas
3. Muskego Area businesses who held food drives, donated money and also donated to the food pantry rather than having employee holiday parties
4. Muskego Area citizens who stepped up and donated food during the 2 month “Food for Families” campaign.
5. People who were very generous during the Thanksgiving and Christmas season.
6. Jason Stark who put up “Lights on Glen Cove.” Over 5 van loads of food were donated along with over $4000.00 in cash.
7. The people who enjoyed the light show and donated to the food pantry.
8. Jason’s neighbors who put up with all the traffic and hub bub during the holidays so that so many in the Muskego area could be helped.

I know that I have probably forgotten someone, for that I am extremely sorry.
Keep us in mind when you do your grocery shopping. You can put your purchases in any barrel or we are open every Thursday from 9am until 6pm for donations and the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of the month from 9 until noon.

Thank you for your generosity.


From the Director-December

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Ho Ho Ho…Tis the season to be Jolly, it is also the season of Hope.  We hope everyone has a wonderful and blessed Christmas.  We will be closed on both December 25th and January 1st.  We will be open the Wednesdays before on December 24th from 9 until noon and on December 31st from 9 until noon. If you have donations or need to receive food those are our holiday hours.

Now lets get down to business…Thanksgiving is a memory.  Thank you everyone who shared your generosity with us.  We packaged 83 Thanksgiving dinners including turkeys and all the trimmings.  Muskego Lions Club provided another 25 dinners for our families.  A generous Muskego resident provided wonderful baskets for an additional 5 families, Atonement Lutheran Church and St. Leonard’s Catholic Church blessed 6 other families with a dinner.  I hope I didn’t forget anyone, if I did I apologize.  Food drives have been hot and heavy with all of the Muskego Public schools having mega food drives.  Bay Lane held it’s annual turkey tails fund raiser.  They donated tons of food and close to $1000.00.  Thank you everyone this will help us get through the holidays. 

We get busier during winter months when precious food money needs to be spent on heating bills.

Please remember us when you do your grocery shopping.  Thank you Muskego and surrounding communities, businesses, and churches for your generosity.



From the Director-November

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Look it is only the 6th of the month and I am doing my letter.  Busy, busy day.  We are in the middle of sign up for Thanksgiving dinners.  Muskego Lion’s Club is helping us out and providing dinner for 25 Muskego families.  St. Leonard’s Church is helping out by providing dinner for a few of our families.  Generous citizens and businesses are helping too.  We already have 90 families signed up with one more week to go.  Anyone wishing to donate a turkey for Thanksgiving, just bring it in on Thursday November 13th between 9am and 6pm and we’ll give it to a grateful family. 

There are food drives and fundraisers going on all through the holidays all you have to do is look.  Food for Families starts Monday.  Look for the barrels at Piggly Wiggly, Pick n Save and Wal-Mart. 

I would like to thank Art from Central Office Systems for donating a copier to us to replace the one that died this summer and the temporary copier that had a big black line running down the middle of the page.  It keeps us from having to spend precious food money on office expenses.

Please keep us in mind this busy holiday season.  Food money also goes toward paying high heating bills.  Thank you to the Muskego Community for being so generous.



From the Director-October

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Again the month has gotten away from me.  We’re very busy at the pantry.  Just waiting for the food drives to start.

We are purchasing all of our meat, milk and most of our canned goods at this time.  Close to $3,000 per month gets spent on keeping the pantry stocked.  Your cash and food donations are appreciated.

We are pretty much done with the donations of fresh produce.  Thank you to all the commercial farmers and community gardeners who have kept our tables stocked this summer with fresh produce.

The holidays are right  around the corner and we are always looking for turkey donations for Thanksgiving.  We will be giving our turkeys out November 13th, 15th, and 20th.  If you wish to donate a turkey just drop it off at the pantry sometime before the 20th of November.  That is less that have to be purchased by the pantry.

As always we appreciate all of the support of the community and businesses of Muskego.  Remember us when you do your grocery shopping and drop a little something in the barrel.



Letter from the Director-September

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Sorry so late again.  This working full time is taking it’s toll.  There is not a lot to say…Our shelves are bare.  We shop at Aldi every week and just purchase the necessities.  We currently have a girl scout troop doing a food drive for us at Piggly Wiggly and Walmart.  Please support them.  Any other food drives are appreciated.  Gardeners this summer have donated welcomed produce.  Muskego El’s garden has really helped.  We are starting the heating season when food money has to go to paying utilities.  Never too early to send out a reminder about Thanksgiving and Christmas and our need for turkeys and hams.  Anything donated takes a burden off of purchasing for our families,  Last year we gave out over 125 turkeys.  We need them at least two weeks before the holiday.  Also always keep us in mind while doing your weekly shopping and pick up a few extra items to put in the food pantry barrel.  Thanks so much for all your support in feeding the struggling families in our community.

Julie – Director

From the Director – August

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WOW…It is August 16th and this is the first chance I have had to get on our website.  Sorry.  Busy summer.  The weather has been perfect to keep the air conditioning bills low but not so good if you have a pool. Thanks to all the community farmers who have been providing us produce.  It is a great treat for our families.  We are purchasing most of our food this summer.  Looking forward to school being back in session so our food drives come back and our families don’t have to feed their kids lunch at home. 

Some exciting news!!  Buy Seasons is hiring.  We are having Hatch Staffing Services come to the food pantry on Thursday August 21, 2014, from 1pm until 4pm to accept applications, help with resumes, and interview.  Bring 2 forms of ID and a resume if you have one.

Keep the donations coming.  Remember to pick up a few extra things when you are grocery shopping and drop them in the barrels.

Have a great rest of the summer.


From the Director – July

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First thing first,  I and all the volunteers at the Muskego Food Pantry wish everyone a safe and Happy 4th of July.

Now let’s get down to business.  Gardens are coming in.  All this rain has helped the plants and weeds.  We should have bumper crops this summer so please keep the food pantry in mind when you harvest your produce.  We will always take your left over produce.  Just call the pantry or e-mail us if the Thursday all day drop off doesn’t work for you or your produce.  Even if you don’t want to think about it back to school is right around the corner.   The Back Pack Coalition of Waukesha County (which we are a member of) is having a “Fill the Bus” fundraiser on August 2, 2014.  We will have a Lamers Bus parked at our Muskego Walmart from 9am until 2pm.  We will be handing out shopping lists for back to school needs for kids in Muskego.  Please stop on by and while purchasing school supplies for your own kids or grandkids please pick up a little something extra for the bus.  You can also support the Muskego Food Pantry by purchasing “Cash Coupon” cards when they come to your door.  There are great deals when you use your card and the purchase price goes to the pantry.  As always please keep us in mind when you do your weekly grocery shopping.  We have barrels located at Piggly Wiggly, Pick N Save and Walmart besides all around town.  Start bringing us your produce and everyone who volunteers and uses the pantry will have a great and healthy summer.  Thanks for your continued support.