Letter from the Director-April

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Good morning. It is 8:30 and I am enjoying the calm before the storm. This is the last day before Easter and we are giving out hams and Easter baskets to our families and their children. A big thank you to Bethel Lutheran church who assembled and donated approximately 70 filled Easter baskets for our families.

We celebrated our 10th anniversary last week. From our humble beginnings at Salentine Buick & Pontiac’s employee lunch room, to the corner of Mercury & Apollo, to our latest location. We have truly been blessed by the generosity of the business, churches, and the community. We wouldn’t have made it 10 years with all of our volunteers dedication. It seems like I started this little project just yesterday. Boy how time flies.

Our biggest food drive of the year is the Postal Worker’s “Stamp out Hunger.” It takes place on Saturday May 11, 2019. Leave your non-perishable food at your mail box and your postal worker will pick it up and deliver it to the food pantry.

As always a big thank you to everyone in the community for your generosity in keeping our doors open.


Letter from the Director-March

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Sorry I’m so remiss in my duties but a hip replacement later, I am back.

We are very busy at the pantry getting ready for the Easter season.  We will be ordering hams and have arranged again for Bethel Lutheran Church to fill Easter baskets for us.

We have our first Backpack Coalition meeting in the next two weeks gearing up for back to school.

Our numbers are climbing so any help we can get from donations is appreciated.  Scouting for Food was last Saturday and we received over 2000 items from all of the Boy Scouts in the area.  We appreciate all of their hard work.

Please keep us in mind while you do your grocery shopping.  Drop a few things in the barrel at your local grocery store.


Thanks for your support.


Letter from the Director-December

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It’s 10:00 on Saturday morning and the Muskego High School Student Council is in the process of delivering and stocking our shelves with their annual food drive.  Fox River church is here cleaning our facility for their “Second Saturday” project.  It is great having a clean building.  Wendy has just loaded up the van to go over to St. Paul’s Lutheran Church where we have our annual family Christmas party.  The kids get gifts  handed out by Santa and Mrs. Claus.  A pizza lunch is provided after.  Our first load of 50 hams will be delivered next Thursday and the same amount the following Thursday.  Suffice it to say this is our busiest time of year.  We really appreciate all of the generous people in the community.  St. Paul’s for hosting the party and purchasing many of the kids gifts.  The children’s gifts were also donated by Tudor Oaks and Anytime Fitness.  Thanks for your generosity.  Food comes pouring in on a daily basis from all of the local food drives.  We received a ton of food from the opening night of “Lights on Glen Cove.”  We are truly blessed by all of the support of community.  We wouldn’t be able to make it work without you.

Have a Blessed Christmas.


Letter from the Director-November

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Good morning all,  holiday plans are well underway.  We gave out 50 turkeys last Thursday and are expecting to give out another 50 today. Muskego Lions Club is providing Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner to 13 of our families.  Our Christmas plans with St. Paul’s Lutheran Church, Tudor Oaks, and Anytime Fitness are almost complete.

We are entering the busiest time of the year for the food pantry.

I have a lot of thanks to give out for everyone who donated their time, money, and good to the pantry to keep us up and running.   First to all of our volunteers who give tirelessly of their time, to InPro for the donation of their building and services, the many businesses who donate monetarily and with food drives, area churches, schools and the community who donate fresh produce in the summer, turkeys at Thanksgiving, hams at Easter and Christmas, kids who ask for food donations rather than birthday presents and many more.

We are truly blessed for all of the support of the area.  During this Thanksgiving I give thanks to all of you who make my job easier.



Letter from the Director-October

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Cool and crisp this morning.  Pretty soon we’ll be turning up the heat in our homes.  Some people need to make a choice between paying their heating bill and feeding their families.

We want to take that decision away from them.  If you are struggling, you are always welcome to come to the Muskego Food Pantry for some  help.  We also have Energy Assistance coming in to the pantry once a month to help people sign up for assistance.  You can call 800 506-5596 to make an appointment.

Gary at the Historical Society garden has been dropping off fresh produce every week since August.  We also have home gardeners who have donated a ton of vegetables.  A BIG thanks to everybody who has donated.

Holidays are right around the corner.  Food for Families has already started so drop your donations at Piggly Wiggly as of October 1st and Pick N Save as of November 1st.  All of the food stays in the Muskego area.

Without the support of the whole community we wouldn’t be able to keep our shelves stocked.

Thanks for your generosity.


Letter from the Director-September

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I guess it’s about time I wrote again.  We have been having a very busy summer.  We are in the throws of receiving tons of fresh produce from Historical Society’s garden, the garden of Jon & Glenda and other community people who remember us during the summer months.

With school back in session we just finished a very successful Backpack Coalition distribution.  We distributed over 90 stuffed backpacks to the Muskego and surrounding area students.

We’ve had numerous students coming in and helping out during the summer.  We were glad to get all of the help.

Please remember us when you do your grocery shopping and drop a little something extra in the barrels.  We are always in need of canned fruit, canned meat, and soup (even during this beastly hot summer).

Thanks to everyone in the community who support us by donating fresh produce from their gardens, canned good and cash.  We wouldn’t be able to help so many without your generosity.


Letter from the Director-June

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Good morning.  I hope everyone had a good last day of school and will start enjoying the summer.

Our pantry hours have changed as of June 1st.  We will be open every Thursday until 5:30 pm; however, we will be closed on Saturday.  We hope this isn’t an inconvenience and please let us know via voice mail or e-mail if you have any concerns.

We are starting our busy summer season at the pantry.  There are vacations by our volunteers, food drives are low, and our families need more food because the kids are home from school.

Please keep us in mind when you shop and drop a little something extra in to the barrel.  Also, we can’t wait for the gardens to start producing because our families love fresh produce.  

As I always say, we wouldn’t able to keep our doors open without the generosity of the Muskego and outlying community, our businesses, and churches.  Thanks so much for all of your help.


Letter from the Director-May

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Happy Cinco de Mayo!   Spring is finally here. “Stamp out Hunger” is next Saturday, May 12, 2018.  Please fill your bags with non-perishable foods and put them out by your mail box.  This is the biggest food drive of the year so please help the Postal Workers support us.

Starting May 31, 2018, we will be open until 5:30 pm  on Thursdays; however, as of June 2nd we will be closed on Saturday mornings.  The Saturday attendance was very low and everyone who came on a Saturday can now be served by us staying open until 5:30.

We currently have a few food drives going on.  Bay Lane is holding their annual food drive and St. Joseph’s Catholic school holds food drives for us every month.

Many thanks to everyone in the community who supports us and keeps our shelves stocked.

We wouldn’t be able to help so many without you.


Letter from the Director-February

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Sorry I am so late but better late than never.

We  just had the food pantry blessed this morning by Pastor Kelli Weiss from Bethel Lutheran Church.  The mayor stopped by to partake of the blessing along with about 15 of our volunteers and friends from Bethel.

We are still keeping busy with sorting food and stocking shelves.

I’d like to thank Tess Corners Elementary who had a food drive during their Valentine’s Day dance.  Bethel Lutheran Church had a “Souper Bowl Sunday” drive for canned soup.  They donated 270 cans to us.  St. Joe’s Catholic school in Big Bend has a food drive for us every month.

During these cold winter month please keep us in mind when you grocery shop.  Our families are using some of their grocery money to keep their heat on.

Letter from the Director – December

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Good morning on this cold snowy day.  Our Christmas plans are well underway.  Hams are being delivered today to provide Christmas dinner for over 100 of our families. 

Muskego Lions Club is again helping 16 of our families for Christmas dinner.  St. Leonard’s Catholic Church is providing Christmas gifts for 11 of our families.

We appreciate all of the help we get from the whole community during the holidays.  Food drives have been held by Muskego High School & Lake Denoon Middle School Student Councils who had huge food drives.  We had Tess Corners Brownie Troop 31595 who “Caroled for a Cause” and donated a ton of food.

Up until a couple of weeks ago we have had a mild autumn; however, the peak heating months are upon us.  Alot of people have to make a decision between keeping their home warm and purchasing groceries.

Please keep us in mind while you do your grocery shopping and purchase a little something extra to drop in the barrels.

Thanks for your generosity and Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.