Letter from the Director-August

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Wow, August has crept up on me.  Blink and before you know it, it is almost mid-August.  Hot, Hot, Hot, is all I got to say.  October has never looked so good, but be careful for what you wish for.

School is almost back in session.  Please keep us in mind when you shop for back to school items and things for school lunches.

We always appreciate the fresh produce from the commercial farmers like Basse’s, the community gardens like Muskego Elementary’s and the Historical Society, and all the private gardeners who bring in their abundance of fresh produce for our families.

Look for us in the Community Festival Parade on Sunday August 28th.

As always don’t forget to help fill the barrel when you are grocery shopping.  Every little bit helps.  We are very low (shelves empty) on pasta & rice side dishes, canned chicken and other canned meats.

Muskego is a very generous community and we wouldn’t be able to keep the pantry open without the help of people like you.  Thank you.



Letter from the Director – July

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I hope everyone had a fun and safe Independence Day.  

Are we in the dog days of summer yet?  It’s pretty warm out there with high dew points.  The air conditioning at the pantry broke and it was well into the 80’s today.  Fixed now so we are all enjoying 75 degree temps.

Fundraisers coming up are Pizza Burger fundraiser at Piggly Wiggle on Friday, July 29th 11-5 and Saturday, July 30th, 11-5.  Muskego’s famous pizza burgers is providing the meat, Pig is supplying everything else, and we are supplying the volunteers.  Come on out, support the food pantry, and enjoy some really great food.  We also have Jammin’ on Janesville the 1st Friday in August.  We will again be in Pick n Save’s parking lot with food, games, and hopefully ice cream.  Jammin’ is always a good time.


Produce is starting to trickle in from Muskego El’s garden.  All of you gardeners and farmers remember us when you have an abundance.  Our families love it.

As always please keep us in mind when you do your grocery shopping and buy a little extra to put in our barrels.

Thanks for all of your generosity!


Letter from the Director – June

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Sorry I’m so late but web site issues and I’m kinda computer challenged.

We’re up and running now!   Busy month of May is behind us with the Postal Workers Food Drive.  Over 8000 pounds of food were donated.  Thank you postal workers, volunteers at the pantry and Muskego citizens for making this year a very successful food drive.

School is out so please keep the kids in mind why buying your groceries to put in the barrels.  Mac & cheese, cans of soup, PB & J are great easy lunches.

Please donate your fresh harvested produce to the pantry.  Our families love to get garden fresh vegetables.

Thank you for all of your generosity and keep the barrels full during the summer.

Julie – Director

Letter from the Director – May

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May is one of the busiest months at the food pantry right up there with November and December.

This Saturday, May 14th is “Stamp Out Hunger” it is the biggest food drive of the year.  Please place your non-perishable foods by your mail box on Saturday morning.

May is garden planting month.  We love fresh produce.  Please think of us when planting your garden.  Plant an extra row to donate to the food pantry.  Muskego Elementary plants a garden in their front yard with all of the produce donated to us.  It is great for the kids to learn lessons on planting and giving.

The new Summit credit union by the Kohl’s department store is now open.  They have a 50/50 promotion going on until May 21st.  Open a new checking account and $50 will get deposited in your account and $50 will be donated to the food pantry.  Win/win for everybody.

As always please keep us in mind when you do your grocery shopping.  There are donation barrels located throughout all of Muskego.

Thanks so much for all of the support from citizens, churches, and businesses in and around our community.


From the Director-April

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Look…it’s only April 2nd and I’m doing my letter.  There is 3 inches of snow that has fallen this morning so it is hard to see spring around the corner.

Area Boy Scouts “Scouting for Food” was a great success.  Over 4,000 items were picked up from the Muskego area.  It has all been date checked, sorted and stocked.  We are now waiting for “Stamp out Hunger” which is the postal workers food drive the 2nd Saturday of May.

The We energies moratorium is up on April 18th.  On that date your electricity can be turned off due to unpaid energy bills.  Quite a number of our families will need their food money to get current on their energy bills.

Bethel Lutheran Church put together 77 Easter baskets for the kids at the pantry.  St. Leonard’s Catholic Church provided Easter dinners to over 25 families.  We provided Easter Hams to over 80 families.

We’ve done numerous Girl Scout tours.  They have their own mini food drive and date check, sort, and stock the food that they bring in.  I always close my tours with reminding the girls when they grocery shop with their parents to pick up a little extra to put in our barrels.

Muskego is a very generous community and we wouldn’t be able to help so many without you remembering us when you go shopping.

Thank you.


Letter from the Director – March

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Spring is right around the corner.  It has been in the 60s and 70s which helps for the heating bills.

We are preparing for Scouting for Food which is Saturday, March 19, 2016.  Please support the scouts in the area and Muskego Food Pantry by putting food out for them to pick up.  This is the second biggest food drive of the year.

The biggest food drive of the year is Stamp out Hunger by the postal workers.  That normally takes place the 2nd Saturday in May.

Our Easter planning is underway.  We already have over 50 families signed up for Easter hams.  Bethel Lutheran Church is again preparing filled Easter Baskets for our food pantry kids.

Look for us at June’s Jammin’ on Janesville in the parking lot of Pick-n-Save.

As always keep us in mind when you do your grocery shopping and pick up a little something extra to put in our barrels.

Thank you for all your support.



Letter from the Director-January 2016

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Whew…let me sit down and take a breather.  The holidays at the food pantry are over.  We sorted and stocked almost 5100 pounds of food donated by the Food for Families food drive during the holidays.  We received over 3 van loads and $3,500 from the Stark family and “Lights on Glen Cove.”  At the holidays, there is an abundance of donations. 

We had a wonderful Christmas party for our families at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church.  All the kids received gifts from Santa.  There was pizza, soda, and ice cream sundaes for everyone. 

Lion’s club and St. Leonard’s Catholic Church helped with Christmas dinner and Christmas gifts.  The Moose Lodge and some families in Muskego adopted some families for Christmas.

Were now back in the business of helping feed the families that don’t have enough.  With large winter heating bills looming, their food money sometimes needs to go elsewhere.

A big thank you to everybody in the community and surrounding communities who helped support us during this busy season.  We couldn’t have done it without you.

As always please keep us in mind when you do your grocery shopping a pick up a couple of extra things to put in our barrels.


Letter from the Director-December

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It is 1/2 past 8:00 am and things are still quiet at the pantry.  A very hectic and successful Thanksgiving is in the books for 2015. 

Now the fun starts for Christmas.  St. Paul’s Lutheran Church has graciously opened their facility for our family Christmas party again this year.  There will be music, food, gifts, and of course a visit by Santa.

The Muskego Lions club is again providing Christmas dinner for 25 of our families.  St. Leonard’s Catholic church is providing Christmas gifts for 20 of our families.  Moose Lodge of Muskego is adopting 4 families for Christmas.  At this time of year our community’s generosity is astonishing.  Anyone wishing to help out by adopting a family or some children or donating things for Christmas dinner, just call or e-mail.

Like us on Facebook and keep up with what’s happening with Lights on Glen Cove.  Their Christmas lighting display donations come to the food pantry.

Keep us in mind while you do your grocery shopping.  Barrels located at Pick n Save, Piggly Wiggly, Wal-Mart, and many other locations through out Muskego.

Thank you for your generosity!


From the Director – November

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I guess this goes to show you how busy we are with home, work, and the food pantry.  Sorry it has taken so long to get my update in.

November already has been very busy for us.  We are picking up from Muskego Walmart and New Berlin Costco every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  We have great, committed volunteers.

The season begins with bountiful food drives and donations .  Lion’s Club and St. Leonard’s  is providing Thanksgiving dinners for approximately 50 families.  We are providing for the remaining 75 families.

We had excitement at the pantry last week when our front windows blew out.  A big thanks to Inpro who got right on the situation and got them fixed that day.  We are back to business as usual this Thursday.

Again this year St. Paul’s is purchasing Christmas presents for the children whose families use the pantry.

Please think of your neighbors who are struggling when you go to the grocery store.  Every little bit helps to make their holidays a little nicer.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving with tons to be thankful for.


From the Director – October

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WOW it’s October 1st an I’m doing my letter already.  I guess summer is over; however garden produce is still coming in hot and heavy from Muskego Elementary and the other community gardens.

We are already starting to think of the cold weather and holidays.  A representative from energy assistance was assisting people today at the pantry.  They will be here quite a few more times this season.  We’ve also already confirmed the date with St. Paul’s Lutheran Church for our family Christmas party. 

We are really grateful to be picking up food from the Muskego Walmart instead of Feeding America.  It really helps us out with our food purchasing budget.

Thanks to everyone who donates to us to keep our shelves stocked.  And as always keep us in mind while you are grocery shopping and drop a few items in our barrels located at Pick-n-Save, Piggly Wiggly, and Walmart.  It is also Food for Families time again so starting now until December 31 at Piggly Wiggly and Walmart and November 1 through December 31 for Pick-n-Save, look for the Hunger Task Force sleeves on our barrels.

Thanks for your generosity!