Letter from the Director-November

I guess I thought I was really late for November and then saw that I didn’t even do an update for October. We are smack dab in middle of our Thanksgiving planning. Our guys just picked up 50 turkeys that we purchased from Wal-mart. We’ll pick up another 50 next week. The planning for our kids Christmas party are well underway. This year it will be held at Tudor Oaks. We thank them for the use of their facilities. We’re finally in the giving season! We did so much shopping this summer to keep our shelves stocked it will be good to have all of the holiday food drives. We had numerous citizens and groups with Halloween food drives. Thanks for your hard work and generosity. Tis the season of high heating bills. The heating season started early this year.
When you do your grocery shopping please remember those who could use a little help. Without the support of the community we wouldn’t be able to help so many.

Thanks for your generosity!

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