Letter from the Director-July

Boy I have really been remiss in my duties. We just opened for the afternoon rush and are very busy. We expect to be swamped today because we were closed last Thursday so our volunteers could celebrate Independence Day.
I have a big shout out and thank you to our large corporate donors: Walmart, Costco, and Aldi who we pick up from every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. If we had to purchase everything we get donated from you we would be in a world of hurt.
Summer is finally here. Please remember when you are grocery shopping the kids that are home during the summer having to eat at home. We are in dire need of breakfast cereal. Mac & cheese and peanut butter and jelly are always welcome during the summer.
When your gardens start producing please remember us for any extra produce you have. Our families love the fresh vegetables.
Again, thanks to everyone in the community that donate and volunteer which makes running our food pantry pretty easy.


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