Letter from the Director-May

Happy Cinco de Mayo!   Spring is finally here. “Stamp out Hunger” is next Saturday, May 12, 2018.  Please fill your bags with non-perishable foods and put them out by your mail box.  This is the biggest food drive of the year so please help the Postal Workers support us.

Starting May 31, 2018, we will be open until 5:30 pm  on Thursdays; however, as of June 2nd we will be closed on Saturday mornings.  The Saturday attendance was very low and everyone who came on a Saturday can now be served by us staying open until 5:30.

We currently have a few food drives going on.  Bay Lane is holding their annual food drive and St. Joseph’s Catholic school holds food drives for us every month.

Many thanks to everyone in the community who supports us and keeps our shelves stocked.

We wouldn’t be able to help so many without you.


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