Letter from the Director – February

The day dawns very cold and crisp.  It is the first Saturday of February and we are very busy at the pantry.

Our numbers are rising on a Saturday because we now close at 5:00 pm on Thursdays.  We made the change just last Thursday but have been thinking about it for awhile.  Our eight to ten volunteers sat here between 5 and 6 sometimes helping no one between those hours, so we decided to close at five.  We’ll see how it goes for the next couple of months.

These are the dark days of winter.  Donations are down because everyone gave over the holidays. 

Please keep us in mind when you do your grocery shopping and help fill the barrels at Pick-n-Save, Piggly Wiggly, and Walmart.  Have friends bring non-perishable items to your Super Bowl party.

Our big needs are cereal, pasta sauce, and canned meats.

As always thanks for the generosity of the area businesses, churches, and neighbors.  We wouldn’t be able to stay open without you.

Julie – Director

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