From the Director-April



Look…it’s only April 2nd and I’m doing my letter.  There is 3 inches of snow that has fallen this morning so it is hard to see spring around the corner.

Area Boy Scouts “Scouting for Food” was a great success.  Over 4,000 items were picked up from the Muskego area.  It has all been date checked, sorted and stocked.  We are now waiting for “Stamp out Hunger” which is the postal workers food drive the 2nd Saturday of May.

The We energies moratorium is up on April 18th.  On that date your electricity can be turned off due to unpaid energy bills.  Quite a number of our families will need their food money to get current on their energy bills.

Bethel Lutheran Church put together 77 Easter baskets for the kids at the pantry.  St. Leonard’s Catholic Church provided Easter dinners to over 25 families.  We provided Easter Hams to over 80 families.

We’ve done numerous Girl Scout tours.  They have their own mini food drive and date check, sort, and stock the food that they bring in.  I always close my tours with reminding the girls when they grocery shop with their parents to pick up a little extra to put in our barrels.

Muskego is a very generous community and we wouldn’t be able to help so many without you remembering us when you go shopping.

Thank you.


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