Letter from the Director-January 2016

Whew…let me sit down and take a breather.  The holidays at the food pantry are over.  We sorted and stocked almost 5100 pounds of food donated by the Food for Families food drive during the holidays.  We received over 3 van loads and $3,500 from the Stark family and “Lights on Glen Cove.”  At the holidays, there is an abundance of donations. 

We had a wonderful Christmas party for our families at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church.  All the kids received gifts from Santa.  There was pizza, soda, and ice cream sundaes for everyone. 

Lion’s club and St. Leonard’s Catholic Church helped with Christmas dinner and Christmas gifts.  The Moose Lodge and some families in Muskego adopted some families for Christmas.

Were now back in the business of helping feed the families that don’t have enough.  With large winter heating bills looming, their food money sometimes needs to go elsewhere.

A big thank you to everybody in the community and surrounding communities who helped support us during this busy season.  We couldn’t have done it without you.

As always please keep us in mind when you do your grocery shopping a pick up a couple of extra things to put in our barrels.


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