From the Director-October

Again the month has gotten away from me.  We’re very busy at the pantry.  Just waiting for the food drives to start.

We are purchasing all of our meat, milk and most of our canned goods at this time.  Close to $3,000 per month gets spent on keeping the pantry stocked.  Your cash and food donations are appreciated.

We are pretty much done with the donations of fresh produce.  Thank you to all the commercial farmers and community gardeners who have kept our tables stocked this summer with fresh produce.

The holidays are right  around the corner and we are always looking for turkey donations for Thanksgiving.  We will be giving our turkeys out November 13th, 15th, and 20th.  If you wish to donate a turkey just drop it off at the pantry sometime before the 20th of November.  That is less that have to be purchased by the pantry.

As always we appreciate all of the support of the community and businesses of Muskego.  Remember us when you do your grocery shopping and drop a little something in the barrel.



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