Letter from the Director-September

Sorry so late again.  This working full time is taking it’s toll.  There is not a lot to say…Our shelves are bare.  We shop at Aldi every week and just purchase the necessities.  We currently have a girl scout troop doing a food drive for us at Piggly Wiggly and Walmart.  Please support them.  Any other food drives are appreciated.  Gardeners this summer have donated welcomed produce.  Muskego El’s garden has really helped.  We are starting the heating season when food money has to go to paying utilities.  Never too early to send out a reminder about Thanksgiving and Christmas and our need for turkeys and hams.  Anything donated takes a burden off of purchasing for our families,  Last year we gave out over 125 turkeys.  We need them at least two weeks before the holiday.  Also always keep us in mind while doing your weekly shopping and pick up a few extra items to put in the food pantry barrel.  Thanks so much for all your support in feeding the struggling families in our community.

Julie – Director

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