From the Director – January

It’s the 2nd week of January.  The Packers are out of the playoffs, Christmas decorations are put away for another year, and all the food that was donated over the holidays is gone.

A BIG thanks to everyone who had food drives and made donations to the food pantry from Thanksgiving through the New Year.  This is our 4th New Year at the pantry so we should be used to the food going so quickly over the holidays.

We received 80 gallons of milk from the Golden Guernsey closed plant.  We are now waiting to see if we can get any cottage cheese or sour cream.  Food for Families was a success where we netted over 3500 pounds of food.  We appreciate everyone who shopped at Piggly Wiggly, Pick N Save or Walmart and dropped it in the barrel.

We are having an open house at the food pantry.  It will be on Tuesday January 22nd from 6pm until 8pm.  There will be refreshments served and tours given.  If you’ve ever wondered where your donation goes….now is the time to find out.  Everybody is welcome!

Our numbers of families served is growing so please remember us when you go grocery shopping.

Thank you for your generosity.


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